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Contribute to the country’s development as well as the society of active and conscious people who are making their future better even today by implementing their own creative ideas and initiatives with a help of collaborative efforts.


  • Create a favorable and effective environment for everybody to be able to realize his/her desire to change the world around us
  • Spread good practices of implementing the employees’ initiatives
  • Actively develop the locations and crate opportunities and perspectives for those parts of the society which need it most
  • Implement the innovations and up-to-date solutions in various spheres of life in our communities


There are 2 major principles The Fund focuses on:

1. "A good project has a multiple effect" - the hinge of the project might come down to several events organized by the project team but their result will have an effect targeting not only one person but a whole group of people and can be multiplied in the future.

2. "Give a man a finishing line, not a fish" – to help people get to know, create the preconditions for their independent achievement of high-quality and favorable results, instead of one-time acquisition of necessary things.

Project Categories:

  • Infrastructure/wellbeing
  • education
  • ecology, environment
  • healthcare
  • transport
  • social area
  • help the Army
  • other areas, the development of which will foster the development of our cities as well as the wellbeing of the population