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SoftServe became the winner in the category “Corporate Volunteering 2015”

SoftServe’s Charity Fund “Open Eyes” became the winner in the category “Corporate Volunteering” for a number of projects, implemented thanks to the active participation of the employees and support of the company. In this category the following companies were also awarded: PJSC “Favoryt” (Zhytomyr) – second place, LLC “Auchan Hypermarket Ukraine” (Kyiv) – third place.

“We have applied with nine major projects for this contest,” says Taras Vervega, Board of Directors member at SoftServe and head of the Charity Fund “Open Eyes”. “Among them a creation of unique in Western Ukraine modern cabinet for underwater spine stretching at the Lviv Military Hospital; modernization (lighting) of the pedestrian crossing in Lviv; educational project “IT Pupil” (Ivano-Frankivsk). Nevertheless, most of the resources in 2015 were aimed, of course, at helping the defenders of Ukraine. In particular, we have acquired and handed to militarists technical equipment, communications equipment, optical devices, automobiles, computers and so on in total cost of more than 5.5 million UAH; co-financed the training on tactical medicine for 1200 militarists, conducted by volunteers «T-Helpers”; bought two emergency cars, one of which is in use in ATO area, and another one is being used in Lviv region in disaster medicine and emergency medical care.

I want to specially note the initiative of employees on making drones for ATO, providing equipment and medicines to militarists and medical facilities. Overall, for the last year, SoftServe has provided the assistance in total amount of about 9 million UAH. Most of these funds were gathered among the employees, the systematic support was also received from the company. “That is why this award belongs to all the employees, whose direct participation and support made it possible to implement all the initiatives mentioned above!” underlines Taras Vervega.

“More than 40 employees from all the offices of our company are actively involved in helping militarists, in terms of the Fund’s activities”, says Ulyana Budenkevych, managing director of the Charity Fund “Open Eyes”. “We also implement non-military projects, which are the initiatives of our employees in different areas: improvement of cities, where we work, health care and educational improvements, and others, as it was with lighting the pedestrian crossing in Lviv near the supermarket “Auchan” (author of Dmytro Ivanov)”

SoftServe became the winner in the category “Corporate Volunteering 2015”