Neonatal intensive care equipment


There are often cases when healthy, full-term newborn infants get medical complications during birth (perinatal morbidity)…, which may result in a coma, different types of cerebral palsy (CP), deafness and blindness, severe mental retardation, decrease in immunity, and other complications caused by the lack of oxygen in the brain cells of a newborn infant.

It has become popular nowadays to use the method of medical hypothermia to resuscitate newborn infants and prevent or minimize perinatal complications. With the help of a cooling machine and a blanket threaded with tubes for circulating the water, which is cooled by the machine, it is possible to gradually decrease the temperature of an infant’s body and in such a way slow down damaging of cells and speed up their regeneration. It gives doctors a chance to prevent serious disabilities and in some cases even save lives.

The statistics of 2015 show that there were nearly 30,000 babies born in Lviv region. 340 of them got hypoxic-ischemic brain damage. Because of the high price of the equipment, the method of medical hypothermia is used only in few hospitals of Ukraine.

If the anesthesiology and newborn intensive care unit of Lviv city children's hospital has the machine and people learn about the results of the therapy, it will be possible to decrease disability rates and to ease the social integration of the children with mild and moderate disabilities.

Project Details

Thanks to SoftServe employees' donations and co-financing from SoftServe, as well as to costs gathered during SoftServe Vertep and with financial support of the project from Perfectial company and LLC "Tekhnika dlia biznesu (Equipment for business)" , and ELEKS company our project is now implemented :) On 6th of September our Charity Fund “Open Eyes” officially passed the equipment for systemic hypothermia to Anesthesiology and Newborn Intensive Care Unit of Lviv City Clinical Children`s Hospital!

The modern apparat ВLАNКЕТRОL III (USA) and 5-channel encephalograph EEG CFM [aEEG] with video monitoring (Poland) will now save babies’ lives and health in Lviv region too. Before, there were only 3-4 hospitals in Ukraine where that INNOVATIVE medical treatment – systemic hypothermia - has been provided for the last few years. However, the equipment was delivered to the hospital few months ago so that the doctors could prepare the unit’s staff and finish all formal procedures till the day of systemic hypothermia official start in Lviv region. Starting from the official opening, already 9 little babies have felt the effect from medical treatment provided with our equipment.

Dead body cells of an infant continue damaging healthy cells if you do not start hypothermia treatment in time (within 6 hours after a child is born). The treatment stops damaging cells and helps a young body quickly regenerate. The US and European hospitals have been using hypothermia method for more than 10 years.

What is medical hypothermia? - It is a treatment in which an infant’s total body temperature is reduced to 33-34 С during 72 hours after birth. The cooling is done by the cooling machine and the blanket threaded with tubes for circulating water which is cooled by the machine. The essential part of the equipment is an encephalograph which tracks and measures brain activity, which allows adjusting the treatment in time. If the body temperature of a newborn is constantly decreased during the certain time, it prevents brain cells from damaging and severe disabilities in newborns.

The results of medical hypothermia:

· Milder form of cerebral palsy in comparison with the condition at the beginning of the treatment. If children get the appropriate treatment, they have a chance to fully recover (have a mild form of CP) and have an easy social integration (with a moderate form of CP);

· The increase of the number of patients emerging from coma;

· The decrease of hypoxia, from the severe stage to moderately severe, moderate and mild stages.

The main result of the treatment is the decrease of disabilities in newborn infants and social integration of the children with moderate and mild disabilities.

The main project events:

1. Purchase of the equipment (Ukraine, Poland);

2. Training for the medical staff of the unit (Ukraine, Poland);

3. Briefing for the media.

The events will result in the following:

1. Purchase of the neonatal intensive care equipment (Blanketrol III 233 System Hyper / Hypothermia);

2. Purchase of the set of blankets (KoolKit Neonate);

3. Purchase of an encephalograph;

4. Reduction of the number of disabilities and deaths among newborn infants (caused by perinatal morbidity);

5. Advance training for the medical staff of the anesthesiology and newborn intensive care unit of Lviv city children's hospital (35 people);

6. Popularization of medical hypothermia treatment in Ukraine.