Positive room


The aim of this project is to create a positive and comfortable space for children who are under treatment at Wrocław Clinic of Endocrinology and Diabetology for Children, 2a T. Chałubińskiego St.

Very often little patients stay in the hospital for more than two weeks. Children feel down there as hospital is always a stress for them. They spend most of the time in their wards missing home as they have neither space, nor means for entertainment, reading, catching up on their school studies. Such emotions and feelings have a negative impact on treatment and psychological state of a child. Actually, a comfortable space for children's leisure such as "Positive room" would make hospital atmosphere more homelike where children wouldn't feel like hospital patients and miss their parents who are not always able to be there, but would rather feel carefree and have fun. In such a way a stressful factor drops down and children recover faster!

Both room's design and furnishing fully correspond with children's needs - the room will have 4 zones: creative zone, play space and two more - for reading and education with the specifically chosen toys, educational materials and furniture.

We are implementing the project in collaboration with the Association Pozytywne.com which makes such changes in the children's units of Polish hospitals. "Positive rooms" are created in those hospitals where there are no such rooms or where the existing ones require reparation and suitable furnishing.

Project Details

Project's main events:

  • Development of room's design

  • Reparation

  • Buying materials, furniture, toys, equipment

  • Room's furnishing

  • Opening of a room with participation of the local media

Duration of project implementation - 2 months.

All equipment, furniture and toys bought in the framework of this project are a possession of a hospital and will stay in a corresponding “Positive room”.