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First aid training gives confidence when a person makes first steps during a critical situation. These first actions can save somebody’s life or prevent somebody’s disability. Another advantage is that a person learns to identify and prevent a threat. That’s why, first aid knowledge and skills are being trained at schools all over the world.

Aim of the project “First-hand Rescue” is to increase the level of knowledge and skills among teachers in Rivne by implementing a first aid education system according to international standards of BLS course. This education includes a lot of practice using mannequins according to specific methods, which helps as quickly as possible to learn the algorithm of first aid provision and life saving. This project provides training of 38 teachers from 38 schools in Rivne, according to international standards BLS from ERC. Ten out of them will be trained to get an instructor degree to conduct first aid training by themselves and issue international certificates.

Within the project, we will purchase 38 educational automated external defibrillators for every school for teachers to be able to teach practical skills to pupils.

The BSL system works in such a way that the certified teachers will be able to train pupils annually and issue the certificates.

Remember, in critical situations our actions are performed at the level of our education, and they are not at the level as we expect. Training is crucial!

Preventive measures can prevent many accidents.

Project Details

Project initiative and support: Anna Tymofieieva

30 November 2021, 14:14Володимир350UAH
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