Healthy Street Art


The 1930s, it was the time in US when hooligans began to paint walls and wagons. In the 70's, there was the first article in the New York Times about ‘tags’ in Philadelphia and New York. After a while, professional artists joined street art and it became a part of world culture.The most famous mural in Europe is the western part of the Berlin Wall. Banksy is now the most interesting and mysterious street art artist, whose work costs tens of thousands dollars and continues to grow.

Graffiti, murals and sculptural installations often become the hallmarks of cities, enter into a dialogue with space, and turn "poor" neighborhoods into tourist spots. Which also attracts investors. Inch by inch, this is also happening with Ukrainian cities. This time we are talking about Rivne. The walls of the city center and remote neighborhoods of Rivne are often painted with advertisements of telegram channels of drug dealers. The Healthy Street Art youth initiative is taking matters into its own hands. The Healthy Street Art prepares a challenge during which participants will explore the city and identify places of vandalism. After that new spaces of street art will be created in Rivne. We plan to create about 10 murals, which, among other things, will encourage young people to stay in their hometown and implement their future projects here.

Project Details

Initiative and coordination: Iryna Moroz

Assistance in implementation: Interaction Platform ‘Space’ and YouthBank NGOs

The project will be implemented with the support of SoftServe within the grant program of the Charity Fund "Open Eyes".