Lviv IT Cluster: United for Health


Ukraine still ranks last in the ranking of countries by the number of people tested for COVID-19. The experience of foreign countries shows that in addition to following the rules of hygiene, social distancing and quarantine, the most effective measure to reduce the scale of the pandemic and save human lives is mass testing accompanied by monitoring and isolation of infected individuals.

In cooperation with the SoftServe’s Corporate Charity Fund “Open Eyes”, Lviv IT Cluster, commences the second phase of the emergency project United for health. At this stage, everyone can participate and contribute to the organization of mass testing of citizens for COVID-19 in the Lviv and Lviv region.

How to get tested with an express test?

  1. Please fill out this form prior to making a donation. We need all the information about you to redirect it to the mobile medical team.

  2. Make a donation by indicating your last name, name, patronymic, and a valid email address. You will receive a confirmation letter about your donation.

  3. Contact Lviv IT Cluster’s manager to confirm the donation:

  4. Confirm the reasons for obtaining the express COVID-19 test (symptoms or belonging to a high-risk group).

  5. The data will be entered into a registry for mobile medical teams.

  6. You will get tested for COVID-19 within 7 days. The results of the express testing will be available immediately.

  7. If you test positive, consult your family doctor, who will refer you to the appropriate medical facility for a PCR test to confirm the diagnosis.

How to contribute to the initiative?

  • By donating 700 UAH, you will receive 1 express test for yourself, and the rest will go to the procurement of tests for the community;

  • If you contribute 1500 UAH, you will receive 3 tests for you and the rest will go to the community;

  • If you donate 2000 UAH, you will get 5 express tests for you and your family; the remaining sum will be allocated to purchase the tests for residents of Lviv and Lviv region.

!Please note that COVID-19 express tests can be carried out only if you have symptoms (fever and cough) or belong to a high-risk group (healthcare professionals; those who had contact with infected individuals; those who came back from foreign countries). Testing can only be carried out by mobile medical teams. The tests will not be distributed to the contributors, as they should be carried out by healthcare professionals, who will enter the results into the Ministry of Health’s database. If you do not need a test but would like to contribute to the initiative, you can donate money to purchase the tests for the community of our city and region.

By supporting the project, you agree to the terms and conditions of the testing and this project.

Contact person (to clarify about the testing procedure):

Project Details

Lviv IT Cluster has consolidated the local IT community to help Lviv and Lviv region combat the spread of COVID-19. On March 23, the United for health project was launched, within the frames of which the first batch of coronavirus express tests (20,000 pieces) was purchased, and the next 20,000 pieces were ordered.

Almost 5 million UAH was raised within the community. The tests were transferred to the city and regional authorities, and mass testing of citizens in Lviv and Lviv region has started.

15 May 2020, 09:30Михайлишин Андрій Вікторович2000UAH
07 May 2020, 16:02анонім1UAH
07 May 2020, 14:32111UAH
07 May 2020, 12:58анонім1UAH
07 May 2020, 12:57анонім1UAH
05 May 2020, 15:43Pavlo Fatula1500UAH
05 May 2020, 11:32Mariia Muzyka700UAH
04 May 2020, 11:27Khrystyna700UAH
04 May 2020, 09:48Reuta1000UAH

* Notice: A commission of 2.3% of the amount of the donation will be charged to PrivatBank when the funds are credited to the account of the Charity Fund (according to the terms of use of the acquiring service LiqPay)