To the infinity and beyond!


Our place in the world is not limited to the sky above our heads. Astronomy is the key to understanding who we are and where we live. The constellations fascinate us because they are related to the concepts of time and distance that lie beyond our earthly consciousness. Astronomical Club Ad Astra will be a place and community of people in Ivano- Frankivsk who want to look into the infinity and beyond.

Project coordinator Serhiy Matiichuk about where it all started: “My name is Serhiy, I am from Ivano-Frankivsk. My passion for Sciences came from childhood because of my mother, who works as a math teacher. Two years ago, after allocating money for the first personal device, I bought a Celestrone 70 AZ Powerseeker refractor. Since then, I have spent many nights on the balcony or somewhere in the open air. The idea of the project arose as a joke when a teacher from my school offered to teach astronomy to children in the youth center. But even my one telescope for a group of people is not enough. When I saw an email from the Foundation about the grant program, I decided to try to implement this idea. I am an amateur astronomer and already have enough knowledge to be able to teach others. My wife, a designer, will help with the club's identity. Inspired by one film, we chose the name - Ad Astra, which means "To the stars" in Latin. We plan to buy several telescopes, lenses, binoculars, software, literature, folding chairs, thermoses, batteries and more. Meetings will be arranged according to the astronomical calendar of the year. The groups will be for children, adults and mixed. ”

It is important that the Ad Astra Club will invite children from families with disturbed family relations, and we hope it will be a place of communication and development for them.

Project Details

Initiative and coordination: Serhii Matiichuk

The project will be implemented with the support of SoftServe within the grant program of the Charity Fund "Open Eyes".