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When the question of life and death arises, and you can influence it in some way, there is no need to explain why it is important.

We often initiate and participate in projects where the purchase of medical equipment saves lives.This project envisages the provision of the surgical center of Rivne Regional Children Hospital with a critically necessary surgical tool - bronchoscopy forceps, which are used to remove foreign objects from the bronchi and esophagus.

The project aimed to improve the material base of the surgical center of Rivne Regional Children Hospital, to create conditions for providing emergency care to patients who have inhaled or swallowed foreign objects and need urgent care. With this endoscopic equipment, doctors can remove a foreign object from the stomach, the smallest bronchi, to help with chemical burns of the esophagus.

Such assistance is urgent. And doctors of Rivne Regional Children Hospital provide such assistance not only in the hospital.

If the accident happens outside the city, the visiting team provides assistance to other medical institutions all over the region. This saves time on transportation of the child to the regional center.

This equipment is not only for emergencies. Children who are in a supine position for a long time have bronchial congestion and also need help from endoscopists to clear the bronchi.

Such equipment is also helpful for daily examinations of patients. Timely and accurate diagnosis reduces the duration (and cost) of treatment and increases its effectiveness.

Project Details

Initiative and coordination: Anton Romanukha

The project will be implemented with the support of SoftServe within the grant program of the Charity Fund "Open Eyes".