Pedagogical farm


The youth with mental disability who live in small towns and villages have little possibilities for education and self-realization. Through the social entrepreneurship we may create conditions for financial independence and socialization. In 2021, the Charity Fund “Merciful Samaritan” built “Pedagogical Farm'' for children and young people with disabilities, and we would like to support the project. “Pedagogical Farm'' is a space where children obtain free rehabilitation and zootherapy, and young people learn cheese-making, horticulture and bee-keeping. The Farm has to become a friendly place where it is possible to work according to personal abilities, develop, communicate, realize oneself and be as a part of a community.

After finishing the courses, young people can be hired by the farm or cheese factory. All the profit will be transferred for education and rehabilitation. Thanks to the help of philanthropists, the farm and administrative and educational facility have been constructed.There are sheep, goats, alpacas, horses and ostriches living on the farm. The cheese farm has been launched, the profit is now spent on expenses and development of the complex.

We want to help “Pedagogical Farm” to realize their social mission. The team of the project faced the problem of frequent power blackouts. Thus, in such moments the heating in the building and factory is off, it is an idle time at the cheese factory. Temperature mode to keep ready-made cheese is violated.

Besides, we are concerned with the winter time for the animals. In a nutshell, we propose purchasing a power generator for “Pedagogical farm” in order to resolve the issue of uninterrupted power supply.

Project Details

Project initiative and support: Nataliya Kuba

26 January 2023, 00:28Mark Hammarstedt3700UAH
24 February 2022, 17:26Josefine Holmström1600UAH
29 January 2022, 20:00Markiian Proniuk200UAH
11 January 2022, 22:49Volodymyr Varyvoda500UAH
11 January 2022, 19:07Volodymyr Kaidash500UAH
07 January 2022, 20:17Ольга 100UAH
30 December 2021, 20:09Solomiia1000UAH
23 December 2021, 12:39анонім800UAH
22 December 2021, 14:27Andrii Tykhan750UAH

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