Education for "Hippocrates"


Investing in children is investing in growth and a better future. At the same time everybody has heard an English proverb: “Do not teach your children. They will still be like you. Teach yourself”. It is true. The figure of mother, father, teacher and any other adult guardian is crucially important for personality development. Thus, we are talking now about “teaching” those who teach children, specifically about the educational project of Kharkiv children’s home “Hippocrates”.

The aim of the project is to purchase a panel for the creation of a multimedia room in a regional specialized children’s home “Hippocrates” in Kharkiv.

The home “Hippocrates” has specialists in palliative care, medical rehabilitation, physical therapy, ergotherapy and psychology. Our aim is to transform it into a modern multifunctional educational center. We are confident that proficient education of specialists who work with children with disabilities and incurable diseases requires systemic changes.

“Hippocrates” provides medical rehabilitation and palliative care to children left without parental care from the newborn up to the 18-years-old.

The target group of the multimedia space is:

· 800 children with disabilities undergoing rehabilitation courses

· 20 orphans who will be involved by specialists for classes with an interactive panel

· Hippocrates staff: 12 doctors, 40 nurses, 25 eachers who will communicate with more than 5,000 patients in Kharkiv region.

The home “Hippocrates” constantly conducts trainings for parents, interactive conferences with colleagues from Ukraine and other countries. It is the only rehabilitation and palliative care center in eastern Ukraine that systematically provides assistance to children with disabilities, which advises other boarding schools and centers on the issue of rehabilitation and palliative care.

Multimedia space will become a place of sharing and expanding knowledge, exchanging experience and mutual development. Children’s home “Hippocrates” has already been a powerful structure and has ambitious plans to improve the quality, grow and unite different experts to help those in need. With proficient education of specialists in this field, we can make fundamental changes and invest in a good future for children with disabilities. This is what the project is about.

Project Details

Project initiative and support: Oleh Kikhtov

26 January 2022, 22:56анонім150UAH
23 January 2022, 17:49анонім100UAH
30 December 2021, 18:40Sviatoslav500UAH
23 December 2021, 14:30Oleksiy1000UAH
23 December 2021, 14:19Anzhela Zaitseva1000UAH
22 December 2021, 18:23Liliia800UAH
22 December 2021, 13:36Volodymyr Laptiev800UAH
22 December 2021, 10:27анонім110UAH
15 December 2021, 09:44Hanna100UAH

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