Care with love


Children's hospices help kids who need constant medical support all over the world. In Lviv, palliative and hospice care is provided by the Mobile Hospice for Children, which aims to take care of children who, unfortunately, cannot be cured, but it can make their lives easier and help their families. And we also want to contribute here. Infusomat is a complex infusion system that allows you to configure customized, tailor-made solutions to complex therapies. The device calculates the administration of drugs per unit of time. This is difficult to achieve with IV drips. Infusomats provide an opportunity to adjust the volume and rate of supply of the required dose of drugs, and if necessary - to connect several lines and supply different drugs simultaneously. The device signals about the end of the procedure, as well as about any problems.

The Purchased infusomats will help children who need inpatient treatment and who are under care of "Mobile Children’s Hospice", and pediatric department of Western Ukrainian Specialized Children’s Medical Centre.

Project Details

Initiative and coordination: Halyna Otrashchenkova

The project will be implemented with the support of SoftServe within the grant program of the Charity Fund "Open Eyes".