IT – Pupil (2d and 3d groups)


The second group of IT-Pupil project has finished their studies.

During the course, our students:

  • Learned the ropes of CSS and HTML;
  • Found out what website development is all about;
  • Learned to create their own html-pages;
  • Gave a presentation on a theoretical question;
  • Successfully completed a technical task!

All this became possible thanks to the efforts of our employees-volunteers who teach pupils during the course.

In the additional program of the course, the children had a chance to:

  • look inside the world of testing and Internet security;
  • learn to give a self-presentation, bring their dreams to life and not to be afraid of public speaking;
  • have a good time together watching a movie, eating tasty pizza and drinking juice.

The participants worked really hard, asked a lot of questions and as a result got valuable knowledge and skills certified by IT-Academy, a possibility to take an English course for free with the partner - Ukraine-Canada SBEDIF Business Center, the Company’s promotional gifts and (we want to believe) a stimulus to continue developing and confidence in their own skills.

We hope to meet our graduates again in the near future only this time we’d like them to be our colleagues because the children took a great interest in the idea of joining IT and some of them even started thinking of working in the cyber-police ;) .

See you in the next academic year as the third group of IT-Pupil is ready to start!

Project Details

We continue to teach the basics of web technologies (HTML, CSS) to children-orphans, half-orphans, children from vulnerable families, children of ATO fighters and low-income displaced families. The project is financed by our Charity Fund "Open Eyes".

Each group of children (from 7 to 16 people) is trained for 2 months in Ivano-Frankivsk IT-Academy, according to the methodology which was developed by the project team (six SoftServe employees). The curriculum is constantly being improved and deepened. The direct acquaintance with the world of IT and the communication with our colleagues develop children’s skills and give them motivation for choosing a future career and seeking opportunities to change their life!

Finishing the training successfully, participants will get certificates from SS University and gift certificates to learn English at Ukraine-Canada SBEDIF Center. They will be also invited to the sweet buffet and a picnic, organized both for graduates and new participants of the project.

The objective of the training program is to teach the students how the Internet works and what is behind the development of a website, to show how to create simple html-pages using tags and available Internet resources. Besides, graduates have to learn the basics of CSS and apply the acquired knowledge in the creation of their own personalized page and present it using both hard and soft skills.

Target groups:

Group 2: 9.04.2016-09.06.2016 (participants: students of Uhornytska boarding school and children from vulnerable families and children of ATO fighters and low-income displaced families).

Group 3: 20.09.2016-20.11.2016 (participants: students of Ivano-Frankivsk regional vocational school for talented children from rural areas, children of ATO fighters and low-income displaced families).

The main project actions:

1. "SoftServe - dream job!" (meeting participants, office tour, schedule, wishes and expectations).

2. Training period (introduction to the theoretical basis, workshops, trainings on soft skills: 1) teamwork, 2) how to present and talk about yourself, 3) achieving goals and dreams), Internet security, own projects presentation, final test).

3. Final stage (awarding certificates and giving gifts (free courses of English)).

Expected results:

Basic knowledge of HTML:

· purpose of HTML, tags, HTML structure of the page

· headings, paragraphs,

· links, images,

· ordered and unordered lists, embedded lists

· tables

· span and div tags.

Basic knowledge of CSS:

· understanding of concepts - selector, class, ID,

· text formatting using font-size, color, background-color, font-family, text-align,

· text alignment and images

· understanding of "box model" (margin, padding, border),

· work with positioning, understanding the differences between absolute, relative, fixed and static positioning,

· formatting options, understanding pseudo-classes.