IT Pupil. Lviv


Having started project `IT Pupil` in Frankivsk successfully, we have decided to share this good experience with other cities of Ukraine and implement the project in Lviv too.

In April 2017 the project team started first classes for a group of 13 children (9-10th grade) from boarding schools and family-type orphanages of Lviv and Lviv region in SoftServe IT Academy rooms two/three times a week.

The aim of the training programme was to introduce children to the basics of web technologies (HTML, CSS, Java Script, software testing) and develop their soft skills. Moreover, the opportunity to communicate directly with the world of IT will for sure help in overall development of children's skills and will motivate children to choose the future profession and might also change their lives for the better!

Project Details

The project in Lviv was launched in April 2017 and included children from Training and rehabilitation center `Mriya`, Sanatorium-boarding school in Vynnyky, Lviv general boarding school № 2 and children from other boarding schools and family-type orphanages of Lviv and Bibrka town.

The educational program started in SoftServe HQ office with the presentation of advantages of IT sphere, the necessity to learn mathematics and English language. After that, during a month they had been learning the basics of HTML and CSS, practiced new skills and received homework tasks.

The project`s program included the following trainings to develop children`s soft skills:
- What is the Internet and how does it work
- What is going with the site after its creation; functions of the support team
- Development leadership qualities
- Teamwork
- Motivation and sources for inspiration
- Presentation skills and public speaking

Classes were conducted by volunteers form SoftServe in cooperation with `IT Pupil` project team of Ivano-Frankivsk Devcenter. Teachers shared their experience, developed course program and discussed organizational moments. among the children were those who have never faced IT sphere and those who already knew the basis of web-development, and even tried to develop their own web-page.

The new stage of the project had started in September. Children continued learning HTML, CSS, and tried to create their personal html-page. The general project`s duration was 2,5 months and in the end, children passed the exam on theoretical and practical materials (presenting their own html -page).

The final task was presentation of site that children developed on their own using knowledge gained while studying. 7 most diligent students received Certificate of course`s completion,certificate for English classes from LifeStyle and branded backpacks.