Educational space for children with autism spectrum disorders


In recent years, the problem of active full-fledged development of children with autism-spectrum disorders has become very crucial. More and more children have problems with hyperactivity, speech or sensory integration. In many developed countries such disorders are diagnosed till the child reaches 2 years which provides timely treatment and helps the child to grow and communicate with the world in much easier way. In Ukraine, the situation is worse, as parents do not get proper education and information about how to work with such children which influences the fact that children get older with the same disorders. Neither we have communities or schools where children can receive proper treatment (not taking into account Dzherelo Children’s Rehabilitation Centre in Lviv and few others all over Ukraine).

The idea of the project is to help NGO Space for children's development (Ivano-Frankivsk) to create first in the city educational space for children with autism and other disorders, where they can study, play, communicate and develop physically. That’s why a special equipment for sensory room integration is very important and necessary to be provided as soon as possible. In order to support the center, we are launching our new charity initiative to purchase this equipment.

Thanks to your constant support and trust, we’ve already implemented many important and innovative projects, so this time we invite you to join our new journey with the final destination at upgraded and full-fledged ‘Space for children's development’ in Frankivsk.

Project Details

NGO Space for children's development was founded by Serhiy Beley together with his wife Lyudmyla Beley. The Beley`s have faced children autism in their family. They started searching the communities or organizations that actually work with such children, however, it turned out that there are only a few such centers in Ukraine and none in Ivano-Frankivsk. Trips to Lviv or Kyiv are too expensive, especially taking into consideration that the educational courses could last for week or more.
Local city council provided the room in the premises of Children's Youth Center, where Ludmyla together with other experts work with children on daily basis. During these years the center has developed a lot. They not only work with children, but they are also looking for partners to cooperate, involving volunteers and specialists.

The project aims at the purchase of special equipment needed for children's physical development. Since there are no such equipment providers in Ukraine, we have found Polish Centrum Twórczego Rozwoju Dziecka "Kleks" that can provide support in the purchase of all necessary equipment for sensory integration room:

NGO is also working to get bigger premises to provide the full range of therapeutic activities for children with autism-spectrum disorders that will include:
- Room for sensory integration according to European standards (this method is recognized in the world as the most effective for the development of the nervous system and sensory integration of the brain with various disorders).
- Speech therapist space (so that children could practice and improve their speech).
- Pedagogical post (not every teacher can work with children with autism, so there should be the person especially thought).
- Game space (the game itself adds enormously to the natural development of language and communicative skills).
- The space of physical development (the ability to plan and build your movements is a necessary component of further development).

Watch the video about the center`s activities here and read an article here.

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