JOIN meetup #1


People like you drive our community – Big Data experts who like what they do and desire to develop their skills.
Big Data developers come together to share their knowledge & skills.

What's expected?

We'll listen to remarkable speeches from global industry experts and feel that network experience in the open air again.
Our first offline Big Data meet-up will be hosted in Lviv on July 10th.
Safety comes first: open-air + covid express tests ensure a safe and productive meet-up.

Last but not least: the event is charitable. All costs will be used for building a functional area for children who are currently patients of child health centers and hospitals.
Your donation=registration

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10 Липня 2021, 18:41анонім6900грн.
10 Липня 2021, 18:30анонім500грн.
10 Липня 2021, 17:52анонім100грн.
10 Липня 2021, 16:11анонім100грн.
10 Липня 2021, 14:57анонім150грн.
10 Липня 2021, 12:36анонім100грн.
10 Липня 2021, 10:40анонім80грн.
10 Липня 2021, 10:03анонім100грн.
10 Липня 2021, 09:41анонім15грн.

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